Coping with Corruption in Albanian Public Administration Business


  • Denita Cepiku


This article provides an overview of corruption and state capture in Albanian public administration and describes the solutions adopted to fight corruption by the government since 1998. Conflict of interest is a new aspect of concern in the policy agendas. OECD countries have recently adopted guidelines for managing the phenomenon, which will be then transferred to eastern European countries. Corruption is rarely treated as a management problem, in part because for obvious reasons as data are scarce and in part because the literature is thin and tentative, with few theoretical frameworks. Also rare is analysis of how corruption has been or might be reduced. The state of research on corruption is such that there is little inductive theory or statistical evidence about the kinds of policies that work under particular conditions.

Author Biography

Denita Cepiku

Denita Cepiku is a Ph.D Candidate in Public Management, University of Rome, Tor Vergata.


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