Public Service Motivation for Executives Pension Trustees: A Qualitative Study


  • Susan Sayce University of East Anglia, UK



The purpose of this paper is to establish if there is an element of public service motivation (PSM) in pension trustee roles that extend across public and private boundaries in the UK. The qualitative research indicates that public service is a requirement to enhance social commitment to this executive role but that this is also influenced by the organisational and political context of the trustee representation as an employer or employee representatives. The research highlights the multiple motives that encourage trustee participation but also how these can be changed through socialisation within this role utilising element of organisational citizenship and user orientation to serving and helping pension plan members.  It is suggested that an orientation to public service should be made explicit in the recruitment process, induction and training of trustees.

Author Biography

Susan Sayce, University of East Anglia, UK

Susan is a senior lecturer at Norwich Busienss School, University of East Anglia. Her reserch itnerests are in pension trusteeship in the UK and Canada. She has received two Canadian Faculty Scholarships to explore diversity in pensiion trusteeship.




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