Experiments with New Teaching Models and Methods


  • Christoph Reichard


The article describes and assesses forms, conditions and advantages of problem-oriented learning and presents several variants of active teaching methods: Panel Discussion, Role Playing, Case Studies, Simulation Games and Project Study. The strengths and weaknesses of these methods are assessed in the light of the objectives of public management teaching. Relations between problem-based learning and successful learning transfer are identified. The article relates experiences with some of these teaching methods in public management courses. Additionally, new experiences with summer schools, multinational lectureships and intercultural learning in the postgraduate Master’s in Public Management program at Potsdam University are reported.


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Reichard, C. (2014). Experiments with New Teaching Models and Methods. International Public Management Review, 3(1), 41–55. Retrieved from https://ipmr.net/index.php/ipmr/article/view/194