Hierarchies, Networks and Local Government in Viet Nam


  • Clay G. Wescott


This article explores how decentralization supports the policy commitments made by the Viet Nam government to increase citizen participation and accountability, and to reduce poverty and regional disparities. The article includes a review of basic definitions of decentralization that places the case study in an international context, a brief look at the unique, historical context in Viet Nam and its relevance, a brief comparison of policy intention vs implementation reality, a preliminary analysis of the impact of decentralization during the period, and a concluding section on remaining challenges. The article examines the interplay between hierarchical and network organizations in Viet Nam, as stakeholders seek to better define the respective roles and authority of the party, and other public, quasi-public and private organizations at different territorial levels.


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Wescott, C. G. (2014). Hierarchies, Networks and Local Government in Viet Nam. International Public Management Review, 4(2), 20–40. Retrieved from https://ipmr.net/index.php/ipmr/article/view/214




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